An entrepreneur’s ready-to-use Business Guide.

Floundering for answers, searching and hunting for ways to do things fast, seems to be the norm for entrepreneurs, at least when they are just starting out. More so, in the case of that oh-so-critical project report. So dear entrepreneurs, your prayers are answered as there are quick and relatively simplified ways to get a project report done.

How? With deAsra Foundation’s ready-to-use business model templates, called as Business Guides.

What are these Business Guides?

deAsra’s Business Guides are ready-to-use business model templates in a concise and user-friendly format that entrepreneurs can use to fill in their project information. These Business Guides are based on a six-by-six grid. The process is divided into six stages – Plan, Start, Fund, Setup, Market, and Run and each stage is further divided into six steps. These guides focus on providing complete and detailed business model templates on all aspects of starting and running a business from an individual entrepreneur’s point of view. It is in short, an end-to-end business planner for an entrepreneur.

Business-In-A-Box _Stages
This is how the business guide looks after opening. The six steps viz. Plan, Start, Fund, Setup, Market and Run can be seen here

deAsra studies businesses thoroughly to develop these Business Guides

These Business Guides are developed by the deAsra Foundation team after researching and consulting a sizeable number of businesses in certain categories such as baking, fashion designing, travel etc. Since each business type is based on its own peculiar way of working, processes, practices and systems, the research helps deAsra Foundation to arrive at a concise model template for each business type. The entrepreneur needs to pick up his business model template from the deAsra website – and start creating his project report with help from the Udyog Mitra at deAsra Foundation.

Since the Business Guide has a ready framework, the entrepreneur finds it relatively easy to fill in his information.

It has been observed that these Business Guides reduce the Project Report development time remarkably, helping entrepreneurs to get a lot of other important things done.

Moreover, since the Business Guides are developed with our Business and Banking experts, the Project Reports are well turned out and meet the criteria of the banks and similar agencies who can be crucial deciding factors in a new business.

deAsra Business Guides for over 60 business ideas: With a plan for researching 250 business ideas ranging from fashion designing, snacks centre and bakery, to travel and tourism and many more. deAsra Foundation creates a detailed Business Guide for each business. Business Guides for 60+ business ideas are already available on our website. When a budding entrepreneur like you fills in his details in this template, he/she can come up with a project proposal that is well-thought-through in considerably less time than normally possible.

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