Importance of Social Presence in Business, for Entrepreneurs

Gone are the days when ‘Social’ just meant ‘For the society’ or ‘Social work’. Today, ‘Social’ has an all-new meaning and is critical in the world of business.

Entrepreneurs, whether aspiring, new, or established, cannot afford to ignore the importance of Social Media and the effects of their presence on social media, also known as ‘new media,’ in business. Even if you are a start up or not, social media is the new King.


Myths and Facts about Social Media

  1. Myth: I have so many important things to do, the last thing I want to do is Social Media. A new entrepreneur has too much on his plate and can conveniently put aside social Media or keep it for later.

Fact: Social Media is as important as all of the other aspects of business and is an excellent way to connect with people without having to step out into the field.

  1. Myth: Social Media is for those who have little else and nothing better to do.

Fact: Social media is ”new media and cannot be stigmatized simply because one is not aware of its benefits.  Your social media presence is an important part of promotion, which is one of the 4 most important Ps of marketing.

  1. Myth: The product is important, not the packaging

Fact: Packaging today is as important as the product. Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIN can help you package your product correctly and bring it onto the stage for the right audience to see.

  1. Myth: I am not on Facebook – who has the time?

Fact: The personal brand of the entrepreneur (himself) is as important as the product and the company that he is trying to build. In the initial years, founders and the company both need branding and awareness, which is boosted through social media helps in this.

  1. Myth: Social Media is for the youth. Not for me.

Fact: Social Media is for anyone and everyone who wants to be at the forefront of marketing – with no limits on age, gender, or creed. Social media can be utilised to its maximum only if you understand how to tap into its potential.

  1. Myth: I don’t understand Social Media. It takes away too much of my time.

Fact: You can outsource Social Media for your business but you will always need to understand the basics of how it works and how it pays off. otherwise, you will be at the mercy of the agency who handles your social media without a clue of how your valuable money is being put to use. That’s too much of a risk to take. As far as time goes, anything new that needs to be learned takes time and patience, but nothing is impossible.

  1. Myth: Social Media is for the new entrepreneur and business. Not for an established business.

Fact: Wrong. Social Media is helpful at any stage of the product or business cycle. Social Media channels largely vary in their demographics, usages, geographies and categories. One must choose the channels judiciously. Once this is done, even the established entrepreneur can put Social Media to good use.

If you are not on Social Media, this is the best time to begin. Don’t forget, deAsra Foundation is reaching out to entrepreneurs like you through Social Media, among other channels and Media.



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